Christmas Prep Made Special by Snackeroo

I and my eldest son enjoying Snackeroo Itsy Bitsy Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Christmas is fast approaching and everyone’s so excited to celebrate it with their loved ones.

Just like everybody else, we also have preparations for Christmas but ours is just very simple. We don’t usually decorate our house with huge Christmas tree and extravagant decors. A petit Christmas tree plus a little decoration would do.

What we are excited about is actually the simple Noche Buena and gift giving that’s why I and my son are so happy whenever we wrap gifts for Christmas.

Gift wrapping has been made extra-special because of Snackeroo Itsy Bitsy Mini Chocolate chip cookies. True to its tagline “Happiness in a snack”, we really enjoyed wrapping gifts while munching on these bite-sized mini cookies. Not only did I and my eldest son enjoyed them but most especially my youngest.

We are very much looking forward for Christmas eventhough my husband can’t be with us because he is working overseas. But nonetheless, it will always be worth celebrating. Besides, this season is not just about being together physically but more importantly celebrating our love for each other and of course, our love for Jesus Christ.

About Snackeroo Itst Bitsy Mini Chocolate chip cookies

Itsy Bitsy are bite-sized mini chocolate chip cookies that your kids will surely love. It has 10 packs included per bag.

Snackeroo Itsy Bitsy is available in the following areas:
Robinsons Supermarket (Luzon branches)
Puregold Supermarket (selected branches)
All Day Supermarket (all branches)
Also available in Shopee:

You may follow Snackeroo on their social media platforms:
IG: @thesnackeroo


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