7 Tips To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Entering a long distance relationship (LDR) is challenging. Aside from the physical distance, there are other factors that might intervene in a smooth relationship flow. LDR works for some but unfortunately, others end up parting ways.

Here are some tips that could help a long distance relationship work:

1. KEEP AN OPEN AND CONSTANT COMMUNICATION – In every relationship, be it conventional or LDR, open line of communication is very essential. It is a must to keep the lines open and talk about everything. Again, EVERYTHING because lack of communication often results to misunderstanding.

2. TRUST EACH OTHER – Trust is one of the foundations of relationships. Without trust, a relationship would fail. Avoid thinking that your partner would be involved with a third party. It won’t help the relationship.

3. DON’T PROLONG ANY FIGHT OR MISUNDERSTANDING – As much as possible, try to fix every problem by talking about it. It is so hard to engage into a fight because you wouldn’t know how it could affect your partner.

4. BOTH OF YOU SHOULD BE INVOLVED IN DECISION-MAKING – Always consult each other when it comes to decision-making especially when it involves money.

5. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE – There will be times when any or both of you could have a bad day. Be patient and try to understand each other.

6. REMAIN FAITHFUL – Because of physical distance, there are instances when someone gets involved with a third party. Resist the temptation and focus on the things and people that truly matter. Be faithful.

7. PRAY – A relationship that revolves around God is a relationship that lasts. Always make God the center of your relationship. Ask for guidance and strength.

Being in a long distance relationship is hard, but with love, trust, respect, and faith in God, you will be able to survive. Always remember that no relationship is easy but we can always do things to make it work.

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