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Beauty is Infinite with Skinfinite Beauty

Skincare is one of the most important ways to give some self-love. There are a lot of new products that hit the market but not a lot of them can deliver the results they promise. Surprisingly, an upcoming brand proves their worth and shows results that consumers have been searching for.

Skinfinite Beauty is founded by actress and comedienne Janna Dominguez and her desire to start her own skincare line. However, its humble beginnings were inspired by the family tradition of using turmeric to cure skin ailments. From there, the ideas grew and were the foundation of the business that she has today.

Skinfinite Beauty brand started off with Gabby’s Turmeric Instawhite Cream in 2019. According to Janna, the name of the product was inspired by her youngest daughter’s name and her lucky cupped ears, as per chinese superstition. The formula, on the other hand, was inspired by her grandmother, Nanay Ester, who used turmeric to use it on Janna’s skin ailments. Turmeric worked wonders for her every time and especially in curing her frequent rashes and skin allergies. This positive experience was the catalyst to her business venture.

Janna started setting up her business with the help from her husband Mickey Ablan, his mom Monina Ablan, and their business consultant Jen Carino. They are very hands-on with their growing business and even take shifts to keep the business running. However, the plan to expand the business wasn’t orchestrated overnight.

Although Skinfinite Beauty introduced the brand in January 2020, they were already planning the expansion in December 2019. According to Janna, she would test out and use the products on her skin, willing to be the
guinea pig to ensure that the products were effective and would deliver the results it was intended for. She also wanted to ensure the quality of the formula as well.

There were a lot of challenges along the way, but they had a lot of support from the people around them to continue on. Thankfully, the brand got a lot of help coming from the distributors who have committed themselves to the brand locally and internationally. Even with the pandemic and its struggles, this helped to boost the brand in the market. There are already 11 regional and international distributors in the Philippines.

It is completely a team effort, as the budding entrepreneur in Janna inspired many other new entrepreneurs, thanks to her brand. Her distributors, who she refers to as business partners, played a big role in helping build and fortify a stronger foundation for Skinfinite Beauty. In turn, Janna’s very hands-on approach to help her distributors led to weekly online meetings for brainstorming, updates as well as mentoring through regular webinars/trainings.

Women usually have a set basic skin routine of washing, toning, and moisturizing, and different day to night routines. They tend to incorporate more steps into their routine with the goal of looking fresh and flawless. However, finding products that are effective can be frustrating. Skinfinite Beauty makes it easier for people to create a skin care routine that will work well for them. They made sure to use high quality ingredients that work effectively and show results in just a short period.

The Instawhite Miracle Cream (P 350.00) with Turmeric and AHA is their pioneer product. It has an insta-bright effect and is great to use overnight. While it does give the skin a glowing effect, it prevents acne growth and
dries existing pimples on the skin. It also works well with the Turmeric Bleaching Soap (P 165.00) that helps treat pimples and lighten melasma.

A new product is the Anti-Aging Serums with Sparkling Glass Skin and Botox Effect (P 350.00). The popular glass skin trend can be achieved with this product. The serum gives the skin a moisture boost, instant lift effect and also reduces fine lines in the process.

Lastly, is the curated Skinfinite Beauty Renew Set (P350.00). This bundle comes with the Turmeric Bleaching Soap, Instawhite Night Cream, Sunblock, and Instawhite Toner. The set promises to show visible results as early as seven days. It has micro-peeling effects that renew the outer skin layer without over exfoliating.

Beauty is infinite when your skin is well taken care of and Skinfinite Beauty promises to do this at a price everyone can afford.

Skinfinite Beauty is a local skincare brand from the Philippines that was founded by actress and comedienne Janna Dominguez and her husband Mickey Ablan. The brand got its start with Gabby’s Instawhite Turmeric Cream and expanded their business from there. They have expanded their skincare line and have more than 1000 distributors locally and internationally.

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